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N-400 | Application for Naturalization

N-400 | Application for Naturalization

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What is the N-400?

U.S. Customs and Immigration Services’s Form N-400 permits legal permanent residents and other qualifying individuals to apply for naturalization and become U.S. citizens. The form consists of a detailed questionnaire and over a dozen sections that must be completed accurately. Along with Form N-400, those who wish to apply for naturalized citizenship must provide certain documents that prove their identity and legal status. Although it can take many months or even years to secure approval for a citizenship application, it is worth the wait. Due to the complexity of the documentation requirements, applicants should retain the services of a trusted N-400 attorney to ensure that they do not experience needless delays.

Required Information

Prospective U.S. citizens must provide several crucial pieces of information during the application process. First, they must provide evidence of lawful permanent residence or other extenuating circumstances that might permit them to apply for citizenship. They must also prove that they have lived in the United States for the requisite amount of time without running afoul of the law. They must also provide proof of their identity and origins. Finally, they must provide written answers to a range of detailed questions. Once their applications have been processed, prospective citizens must stand for a so-called “citizenship interview.” This interview’s primary purpose is to confirm the written answers that they have provided on their Form N-400. For an extensive explanation of the requirements for the N-400, arrange a meeting with the Gutierrez Law Firm’s N-400 immigration lawyers.

Form N-400 Sections

Form N-400 contains many different “parts” or “sections.” It is imperative that each of these sections be filled out correctly. These include:

  • Part 1: Name and previous aliases
  • Part 2: Qualifications for citizenship, including LPR status and marriage
  • Part 3: Identifying information, including SSN, date and place of birth, and any relationships to current citizens
  • Part 4: Current contact information
  • Part 5: Background check information
  • Part 6: Previous addresses and employers
  • Part 7: Detailed accounting of recent trips outside of the U.S.
  • Part 8: Current and former spouses
  • Part 9: Children
  • Part 10: Potentially disqualifying information, including evidence of fraud, false claims, illegal activity or associations, and improper filing of tax returns

How We Can Help

At the Gutierrez Law Firm, we take pride in helping our legal permanent resident clients become naturalized U.S. citizens. Unfortunately, the process of applying for citizenship is complicated and contentious. Individuals who wish to use Form N-400 to apply for citizenship must ensure that they meet all of the applicable citizenship requirements and complete their filings in a timely, accurate fashion. Our compassionate N-400 attorneys stand ready to help with each step of the process and minimize the likelihood of delays or denials.

To learn more about applying for naturalization, schedule a consultation with a qualified N-400 lawyer at 210.225.7114.

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