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NATO-2 Visa

NATO-2 Visa

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What is a NATO-2 Visa?

The NATO-2 visa is a special non-immigrant entry clearance document that can only be issued to qualifying NATO staff members, member state representatives, attaches and their family members. It permits its holders to conduct business at NATO facilities within the United States and travel freely around the country in order to fulfill their duties. Although NATO-2 visa holders are exempt from traditional passport requirements, they must carry their NATO identification cards as well as any pertinent military identification documents from their home governments. “Qualifying relatives” who are eligible for NATO-2 visas include spouses and unmarried children. A NATO-2 visa lawyer at the Gutierrez Law Firm can help you or a family member obtain a visa.


NATO-2 visas endow their holders with several privileges. The passport-requirement exemption applies to NATO representatives as well as their qualifying relatives. These qualifying relatives are not required to accompany the primary visa holder on his or her official duties and may move about the United States during the visa’s effective period. Individuals who hold this type of visa may remain in the United States until their duties have been fulfilled.


Individuals who enter the United States under the auspices of the NATO-2 visa program must adhere to certain requirements during their time here. First, they must show that their visit to the U.S. is a matter of “official NATO business.” This typically involves presenting travel orders from NATO Headquarters or another official source. Secondly, NATO-2 visa holders must adhere to the protocols of the official NATO Status of Forces Agreement. This requirement applies to NATO-attached military personnel as well as civilian support staff. If you qualify for a NATO-2 visa, the Gutierrez Law Firm can help you get one. Arrange a consultation with a NATO-2 visa lawyer to get more information.


Although the NATO-2 visa permits its holders to travel freely about the United States on an open-ended basis, it also imposes certain clear restrictions. All NATO-2 visa holders are prohibited from obtaining other types of entry clearances without returning to their home countries. They may not apply for Adjustment of Status consideration or receive tourist visas. In addition, they are ineligible for certain U.S.-run programs that other non-immigrant visa holders may enjoy, including the US-VISIT program. The qualifying relatives of a primary NATO-2 visa holder must leave the United States at the conclusion of the primary holder’s business here.

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The NATO-2 visa lawyers at the Gutierrez Law Firm are committed to shepherding each of our foreign national clients through the complicated process of procuring a U.S. visa. Individuals who wish to enter the United States under the auspices of the NATO-2 visa program must adhere to certain guidelines that do not apply to other types of visa applicants. As such, it is important that these individuals solicit the advice and guidance of a seasoned San Antonio immigration attorney.

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