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What Is a P-1 Visa?

A P-1 visa is a versatile entry clearance document that permits several different types of individuals to enter the United States on a temporary basis. Individuals who may be eligible to receive P-1 visas include world-recognized athletes, entertainers, and members of an athletic team or entertainment troupe. P-1 visas permit their holders to enter the United States in advance of a performance or competition and remain in the country until these events have ended. If you are interested in obtaining a P-1 visa, contact the Gutierrez Law Firm today and talk to a P-1 visa lawyer.


Although they are typically issued prior to a competition or performance, P-1 visas may remain in effect for several years. Individual athletes may be able to go for as long as five years without renewing or reapplying for their P-1 visas. Team and troupe members may use P-1 visas to remain in the country for up to one year. In addition, world-recognized individual athletes may perform a wide range of activities under the auspices of their P-1 visas. For instance, an athlete may fulfill endorsement contracts, travel on speaking tours, or join a professional sports team. Finally, the process of securing a P-1 visa was recently changed to be less restrictive. Visa holders may now secure visa petitions from multiple sponsors, including trade organizations and prospective employers.


P-1 visa applicants must be sponsored by a recognized athletic or entertainment organization. These might include professional sports teams, talent agencies, record labels and other such outfits. In order for a visa to be granted for an athlete, team or troupe, the petition must include a signed contract or agreement between the visa-seeking individuals and the petitioner. It must also demonstrate that the individual, team or troupe is recognized on a national level and possesses sufficient ability to perform or compete on an international stage.


There are a few important limitations that govern the issuance of P-1 visas. First, a visa applicant may not enter a petition with U.S. Customs and Immigration Services on his or her own behalf. This petition must come from an employer or other recognized authority. In for its members must have been in existence and largely static for at least one year. During that time, the personnel turnover rate within the organization cannot have exceeded addition, a group or team that seeks P-1 visas 25 percent. A P-1 visa attorney can fully explain to you the limitations and disadvantages of the P-1 visa.

How We Can Help

The P-1 visa lawyers at the Gutierrez Law Firm are committed to helping athletes and performers from around the world gain legal entry into the United States. We refuse to allow delayed or inaccurate visa applications to derail the years of preparation that these individuals undergo in order to perform on the world stage.

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