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What Is Immigration Litigation?

Immigration litigation can take many different forms. The rules and regulations that govern the U.S. government’s issuance of visas, work authorizations, asylum petitions and other important documents can be confusing and even contradictory. From time to time, disputes between visa holders or applicants and U.S. Customs and Immigration Services can threaten to derail an individual’s entry process. Likewise, misunderstandings between sponsoring businesses and American immigration or employment authorities can result in a delayed or denied labor certification application. Fortunately, immigrants and temporary workers have several avenues for legal recourse. The seasoned San Antonio immigration attorneys at the Gutierrez Law Firm can assist with any potential legal action that these individuals might wish to take.

Why Is Litigation Necessary?

It is important to note that such litigation can be used to compel the authorities to act on a particular matter or to file a grievance or appeal regarding an immigration-related action or decision. There are several situations in which immigration-related litigation might be necessary:

  • Disputes about the qualification of a visa applicant
  • Disputes over the type or quality of documentation provided for a visa applicant
  • Appeals of Adjustment of Status denials
  • Inordinate delays in the visa application process
  • Challenges to removal proceedings or appeals to decisions made therein

Some Common Reasons for Litigation?

At the Gutierrez Law Firm, we have used litigation to help secure our clients’ goals for more than 20 years. We can navigate many common situations and provide a wide range of litigation-related services:

  • Injunctions or appeals related to improperly-denied visa, citizenship or residency applications
  • Family visa application disputes or denials
  • Work certification disputes or denials
  • Challenges to removal proceedings and detention protocols
  • Injunctions or appeals related to employer sanctions
  • Challenges to denied asylum petitions

We can also use our extensive litigation experience to secure a writ of mandamus that forces the proper authorities to consider a long-delayed visa application or appeal.

How We Can Help

At the Gutierrez Law Firm, we are committed to helping each of our clients enter and remain in the United States on a legal basis. Further, we are committed to ensuring that each of our clients is able to realize his or her full potential in his or her new home. However, we understand that unforeseen visa-related complications, disputes and misunderstandings can threaten this arrangement. Other problems can arise as well. In order to protect the rights of our clients to pursue their own “American Dreams,” we stand ready to initiate litigation at any time.

To learn more about the immigration-related litigation services that our experienced San Antonio immigration attorneys can provide, call us at 210.225.7114.

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