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P-2 Visa

P-2 Visa | Performer or Group Performing under Reciprocal Exchange Program

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What Is a P-2 Visa?

A P-2 visa is an entry clearance document that permits groups of artists or entertainers to enter the United States and perform here. Such an arrangement is generally part of a “cultural exchange” program that sends a comparable group of entertainers to the visa-seeking group’s home country. This reciprocal visa helps foster cultural awareness and allows U.S. citizens to experience international art on a firsthand basis. Depending upon the length of time that they must stay in the United States, P-2 visa holders may bring their spouses and dependent children into the country on P-4 visas. If you need help obtaining a P-2 visa, contact one of the Gutierrez Law Firm’s P-2 visa attorneys today.


P-2 visa holders enjoy several key benefits. First, these visas permit their holders to travel freely throughout the United States during their effective periods. In addition, the family members of P-2 visa holders may study in the United States for the duration of their stay in the country. Finally, P-2 visa holders may remain in the United States for up to one year and can apply for as many term extensions as necessary. If P-2 visa holders desire, they may also apply for permanent residency without leaving the country.


P-2 visa holders must be sponsored by a qualifying cultural organization. Examples of these include heritage groups, artists’ guilds, musical societies, symphony orchestras, philanthropic organizations, educational institutions and other groups. The prospective visa holder’s application must include this organization’s petition as well as a formal “letter of understanding” between the organization and its foreign counterpart. Much like an offer of employment, this document grants explicit permission for the performer or artist to enter the country on a temporary basis. The application must also give a specific duration for the performing group’s stay. These applications can be turned in at the U.S. consulate in the performing group’s country of origin.


P-2 visas have some important drawbacks. First, the spouses and dependents of these individuals may not work in the United States. In addition, P-2 visa holders may not remain in the United States after the termination of their exchange program. Although they may apply for permanent residency while their entry documents remain in effect, visa holders may not apply for a P-2 extension after their program’s end.

How We Can Help

The P-2 visa lawyers at the Gutierrez Law Firm seek to facilitate the legal entrance of cultural performers and artists into the United States. Their expert P-2 visa attorneys can help entertainers and their sponsors secure the proper entry documents without delay or confusion.

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