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EB-1 Visa | First Preference

EB-1 Visa | First Preference

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U.S. Customs and Immigration Services issues several different types of employment-based, immigrant-track visas to qualified individuals. Each of these individuals must demonstrate certain abilities, qualifications or desires in order to obtain such a visa.

Within the broad class of employment visas, EB-1 visas are reserved for exceptionally talented or indispensable performers, academics, scientists, executives and others. The U.S. government requires all prospective EB-1 visa holders to demonstrate “extraordinary abilities” in their chosen fields. Also known as “first preference” visas, the U.S. government welcomes individuals who qualify for these credentials.

Types of EB-1 Visas

With over 25 years of experience with the employment-visa application process, the EB-1 visa lawyers at the Gutierrez Law Firm can help prospective applicants determine whether they are likely to qualify for this type of credential. Those who do not qualify may be able to secure passage into the United States by other legal means.

There are three distinct types of EB-1 visa. These are:

  • EB-1A Visas for individuals with “extraordinary abilities” in the sciences, arts, athletics or business: These visas can be obtained by individuals who have received significant recognition within their chosen fields.
  • EB-1B Visas for extraordinary professors and researchers: These credentials are reserved for internationally-recognized academics and researchers who have enriched the lives of others and earned teaching positions at U.S. universities.
  • EB-1C Visas for extraordinary executives and managers: These documents are earmarked for highly-qualified executive and managerial employees of companies that do business in the U.S. and abroad.

Although these categories appear to overlap, U.S. Customs and Immigration Services maintains distinct standards for each one. The EB-1 visa attorneys at the Gutierrez Law Firm can advise prospective applicants as to the appropriate category of EB-1 visa.

EB-1 Visa Requirements

In addition to the basic qualifications outlined by each subcategory of EB-1 visa, the U.S. government imposes additional restrictions on potential applicants. For instance, EB-1A visa applicants must meet some of the following qualifications:

  • Articles or reports published in scholarly journals
  • Memberships in certain exclusive academic associations or clubs
  • Enhanced earning power within the field
  • Recognition from international media outlets

Meet With the Gutierrez Law Firm

The EB-1 visa lawyers at the Gutierrez Law Firm believe that each of their clients are entitled to courteous service and an expedited visa application process. They are dedicated to ensuring that their clients may enter and move about the United States in a lawful manner. Since international business is increasingly competitive and fast-faced, we are especially sensitive to the visa needs of our business clients.

To learn more about how to secure a visa for a special employee or other key individual, contact the Gutierrez Law Firm’s EB-1 visa attorneys at 210.225.7114.

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