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EB-2 Visa | Second Preference

EB-2 Visa | Second Preference

Advanced degrees or exceptional abilities

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Also known as “second preference” visas, EB-2 visas are issued by the United States government in order to facilitate the entry of a variety of highly-skilled foreign nationals. Like other E-class visa categories, EB-2 visas provide individuals who hold them with a path towards permanent residency and citizenship. The highly-trained EB-2 visa attorneys who staff the Gutierrez Law Firm’s legal team specialize in securing employment clearances for a wide range of non-U.S. citizens.

Types of EB-2 Visas

There are three different types of EB-2 visas for individuals “of exceptional abilities” and holders of advanced or professional degrees. These are:

  • EB-2A Visas | Advanced Degree
    These visas are reserved for individuals who hold master’s, doctorate or professional degrees. Further, an EB-2 visa holder must have secured a job offer from a company that has operations or subsidiaries within the United States before applying for entry clearance. In order to apply successfully for this type of visa, an individual must provide academic transcripts, work records and other verifying documents that might constitute proof of prominence within his or her field of employment.
  • EB-2B Visas | Exceptional Ability
    Individuals who wish to obtain these visas must demonstrate distinction or “exceptional ability” within their chosen field. These entry credentials are most often conferred upon academics, lawyers, medical professionals and others who have attained prominence among their peers. An EB-2A visa holder must have a professional degree, 10 years of applicable work experience, a job offer from a U.S. company or its subsidiary, membership in professional or business organizations, and above-average compensation at his or her current place of employment.
  • EB-2C Visas | National Interest Waiver
    Known as “National Interest Waivers,” these documents apply to individuals whose qualifications may contribute to the so-called “national interest.” This type of visa is often used to secure legal entry for accomplished and decorated scholars and professionals who have not yet earned an offer of employment from a U.S.-based employer. In addition, doctors who wish to work in certain under-served areas often apply for EB-2C visas. Individuals who hold this type of visa are eligible for permanent residence.

The Gutierrez Law Firm Can Help You

With over two decades of experience in immigration law, our dedicated team of EB-2 visa lawyers can navigate the visa application process with ease. Since many of our clients require immigrant-track employment visas on expedited timetables, we specialize in providing fast and accurate service. The Gutierrez Law Firm has built its reputation on creating satisfied clients and helping foreign nationals contribute to their own vision of the American Dream.

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