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What is an EB-1A Visa?

U.S. Customs and Immigration Services issues immigrant-track EB-1A visas to individual foreign nationals who possess “extraordinary ability” in certain fields, including athletics, the sciences, business, general academics and the arts. Although these visas do not require a certified job offer or work clearance, their applicants are typically held to high standards. In most cases, individuals who wish to apply for EB-1A visas must demonstrate that they have received national or international awards or acclaim for their activities.


The EB-1A visa has several key advantages over other types of visas. For starters, applicants do not need to furnish proof of a formal job offer. As an immigrant-track visa, the EB-1A entry credential provides highly-talented immigrants with a chance to obtain permanent residency and eventually apply for citizenship. Additionally, the relatively small number of EB-1A applicants makes for a fast, streamlined application and approval process. If you would like a thorough explanation of the benefits of the EB-1A visa, or if you need help securing one, consult with an EB-1A visa lawyer now.


U.S. Customs and Immigration Services asks individuals who wish to apply for an EB-1A visa to furnish proof of significant achievements in their fields of choice. It prefers to see incontrovertible proof of talent or achievement in the form of an internationally-recognized, prestigious award. Barring such credentials, EB-1A visa applicants may furnish a combination of additional pieces of reputation-enhancing evidence. These may include any three of the following:

  • Published articles that treat the visa applicant as a subject
  • Journal articles or studies authored and published by the applicant
  • Top-tier compensation relative to others in the field
  • Prestigious designations or memberships
  • Honorary degrees or titles
  • National-level awards or recognition of achievement


Although the EB-1A visa’s application standards are relatively straightforward, the approval process can be tricky. U.S. Customs and Immigration Services is often reluctant to approve applications that do not demonstrate clear evidence of top-tier achievement. Many EB-1A visa applications are delayed by requirements that applicants seek additional proof of their abilities. Although denied applicants may reapply for different types of immigrant-track visas, the approval process for other high-volume credentials can take months or years. For a full explanation of the EB-1A visa’s limitations, get in touch with an EB-1A visa attorney today.

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The EB-1A visa lawyers at the Gutierrez Law Firm are committed to securing U.S. entry clearances for talented individuals in a smooth, legal manner. We stand ready to work with individual visa-holders as well as their sponsors to make the application and approval process as expeditious and transparent as possible. Since the typical EB-1A visa applicant must satisfy a high burden of proof, our knowledge of precedent is essential.

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