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EB-3 Visa | Third Preference

EB-3 Visa | Third Preference

Professionals, skilled workers and other unskilled workers

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U.S. immigration authorities issue EB-3 visas to certain classes of immigrants who wish to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. Since demand for these documents is extremely high, it is important for prospective EB-3 visa applicants to retain a qualified EB-3 visa lawyer who can navigate the application process with ease. Fortunately, the EB-3 visa attorneys at the Gutierrez Law Firm have spent the past quarter-century fighting for their clients’ rights to capture a slice of the American Dream.

Known as “Third Preference” visas, EB-3 entry documents confer the right to work and live permanently within the United States. Since they are more plentiful and require less documentation, applications for these types of visas are more likely to be approved than EB-1 visas.

The Drawback of EB-3 Visas

EB-3 visas do come with a drawback. Unlike EB-1 and EB-2 visa holders, EB-3 visa holders may have to wait for many years for a chance to apply for citizenship. However, the compassionate EB-3 visa attorneys at the Gutierrez Law Firm are dedicated to assisting EB-3 immigrants who wish to apply for citizenship. In the past, we have helped hundreds of satisfied E-class visa holders achieve their goals.

Types of EB-3 Visas

There are three clearly-delineated types of EB-3 visas. They are:

  • EB-3A Visas | Skilled Workers
    Reserved for “skilled workers,” these visas are offered to individuals whose educational credentials and work experience indicate proficiency in their field of employment. Skilled workers typically have two years or more of relevant job experience and hold a combination of post-secondary degrees, certificates or licenses. Like most E-class visa holders, EB-3A visa holders must have a job offer from a recognized U.S. employer.
  • EB-3B Visas | Professionals
    These documents are offered to “professionals” who have earned a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in their field of employment. Workers who cobble together education credits from multiple sources may not qualify as “professionals.” EB-3B visa holders must also have active job offers from U.S. employers.
  • EB-3C Visas | Unskilled Workers/Other Workers
    These are offered to “unskilled” employees who may require on-the-job training and generally have little prior education or experience within their employment field. Since many U.S. citizens qualify for “unskilled” jobs, these types of visas are issued relatively infrequently.

Let the Gutierrez Law Firm Help You

Our professional team of dedicated EB-3 visa lawyers has fought to facilitate their clients’ aspirations for more than two decades. Thanks to our efforts, many of our clients have realized a definite path towards gainful employment and permanent residency within the United States. In fact, many EB-3 visa holders eventually choose to earn U.S. citizenship.

To learn more about the EB-3 visa application process and schedule a convenient consultation with one of our attorneys, contact the Gutierrez Law Firm at 210.225.7114.

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