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Permanent Residence | Green Card

Permanent Residence | Green Card

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What is a Permanent Residence Card?

Also known as a “green card,” the so-called permanent residence card permits immigrants to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. This is one of the most important documents that the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Department issues. It has helped millions of legal immigrants pursue a brighter future for themselves and their children in the United States. If you need help with obtaining a permanent residence card, contact a green card lawyer at the Gutierrez Law Firm today.

Who is Eligible for a Green Card?

Becoming a permanent resident is a time-consuming, emotional process. Some newly-minted permanent residents are sponsored by family members who already enjoy permanent residency or status as U.S. citizens. Others are sponsored by long-term employers. Still others achieve permanent residency through special means.

Individuals who are eligible for permanent residency through their employers or family members must follow “preference” tracks that prioritize their applications.

  • Family Preference 1: Unmarried offspring of U.S. citizens
  • Family Preference 2A/B: Spouses and unmarried adult offspring of permanent residents
  • Family Preference 3: Family members of married offspring of U.S. citizens
  • Family Preference 4: Family members of married siblings of U.S. citizens

Any family member who wishes to sponsor an alien relative’s permanent residency application must fill out a Form I-130. This document is essential for demonstrating the relationship between the applicant and sponsor. Meanwhile, the eligibility requirements for employment-track “green card” applicants are identical to those that govern the issuance of employment visas. More information about employment visas can be found elsewhere on our website. You can also contact a permanent residency attorney at the Gutierrez Law Firm.

Special Circumstances

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services also makes certain visas and forms available to those who wish to apply for permanent residency under special circumstances. These include:

  • Refugees and asylum-seekers. Individuals who enjoy official refugee or “asylee” status may apply for a “green card” after living in the U.S. for one year. Pertinent forms include the I-131 Travel Petition, the I-485 Permanent Residency Application and the I-693 Medical Exam Certification.
  • NACARA-eligible residents. Individuals who are eligible for permanent residency under the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act include citizens of certain Central American countries as well as former Soviet republics. Applicants must have been subject to physical torture or other political hardship.

Consult With the Gutierrez Law Firm

The rules that govern permanent residency applications can be confusing and complex. The permanent residency lawyers at the Gutierrez Law Firm are committed to ensuring that their aspiring green card clients follow all of the regulations associated with permanent residency and remain eligible to receive their “green cards.”

The Gutierrez Law Firm’s green card clients hail from 20 countries around the world and work in a wide range of occupations.

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