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What Is an O-2 Visa?

An O-2 visa is a special type of entry clearance that permits the support staff associated with O-1 visa holders to enter and move about the United States in a legal manner. In order to receive this credential, O-2 visa applicants must demonstrate that they are “integral” or “essential” to the successful completion of the O-1 visa holder’s activities, performances or movements. In most cases, these individuals must assist with a particular event. If you are interested in obtaining an O-2 visa, talk to an O-2 visa lawyer at the Gutierrez Law Firm.


The terms of the O-2 visa are somewhat less restrictive than the terms of an accompanying O-1 visa. Whereas the O-1 visa is active for just one year, the O-2 visa remains effective for a period of three years. After the expiration of this period, it can be renewed for additional one-year periods on an indefinite basis. Further, O-2 visa holders may receive compensation for their work under the terms of their contracts with O-1 visa holders’ sponsoring organizations.


Applicants for O-2 visas must demonstrate that their skills, knowledge or familiarity is essential to the movements and activities of the O-1 visa holder with whom they will enter the U.S. Further, they must demonstrate that their qualifications cannot be replicated by comparable American workers. In most cases, these applicants must demonstrate that they have a unique, substantial and ongoing relationship with the O-1 individual. These claims must be substantiated by the O-1 individual’s sponsoring organization or a corresponding trade organization with which the O-2 applicant has a relationship. Get it touch with an 0-2 visa lawyer today for a thorough explanation of the requirements.


There are a few key drawbacks to the O-2 visa. First, it is a non-immigrant visa: O-2 visa holders may not apply for permanent residency or work in industries or areas of employment beyond their “support” roles. In addition, O-2 individuals must leave the United States after the successful completion of the O-1 visa holder’s activities. Although the visa permits its holders to move freely about the country in support of their O-1 individual, it does not allow for international travel during its effective period. O-2 visa holders who leave the U.S. after completing their duties must reapply for a new visa before reentering the country.

How We Can Help

The O-2 visa lawyers at the Gutierrez Law Firm understand that distinguished individuals often require support, guidance and preparation. As such, we strive to work with these individuals as well as their sponsoring employers to ensure that their support staff can enter and exit the United States in a legal manner.

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