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P-Visa Categories

P-Visa Categories

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For athletes and entertainers

To help certain athletes, performers, artists and other cultural workers enter the United States on a temporary basis, the U.S. government issues several different types of P-visas. These entry certificates are often issued before major events like the Olympics, music festivals and cultural expositions. For a quarter of a decade, the P-visa lawyers at the Gutierrez Law Firm have helped a variety of clients who work in cultural fields enter the United States in a timely and legal fashion.

Since P-visas are often issued on a short-term basis, it is crucial that prospective visa holders retain a competent legal professional before beginning the application process. The diligent P-visa attorneys at the Gutierrez Law Firm have accurately processed hundreds of visa applications and helped many satisfied clients secure visas without delay or complication.

Types of P-Visas

The various types of P-class visas are briefly described below. Each type will also be described in greater detail on a separate page within our website.

The Difference Between O and P-Class Visas

Although O-visas can also be issued to performers, athletes and artists, recipients of O-1 visas must have demonstrated exceptional achievement or ability within their specialty.

By contrast, P-visas can be issued to amateur or extracurricular performers or cultural workers. P-class visas tend to come with stricter terms and typically terminate after the end of the pertinent exhibition or competition. In addition, holders of P-visas must be sponsored by a recognized organization that is based within the United States.

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The professional P-visa lawyers at the Gutierrez Law Firm are committed to securing lawful entry for each of their deserving clients. As the planning periods that precede athletic and cultural events are often short and chaotic, we specialize in expediting requests for “P” visas. For 25 years, we have been helping qualified athletes, artists and performers enter the United States to spread their cultural knowledge.

For more information about securing a P-class visa, call the Gutierrez Law Firm’s P-visa attorneys at 210.225.7114 to schedule a free consultation.

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