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What is an EB-1C Visa?

An EB-1C visa is an immigrant-track visa that permits “multinational executives and managers” to enter, live and work in the United States on a permanent basis. Applicants for this type of entry credential are held to relatively high standards. Among other things, they must demonstrate that they are members of their firm’s upper management ranks and that they exert considerable influence on the direction and decisions of their employer. The visa applicant must demonstrate that he or she is being transferred to the U.S. subsidiary, affiliate or parent company of his or her current employer.


Like all immigrant-track visas, the EB-1C visa provides its holders with a path to permanent residency and potential citizenship. Individuals who work for large, internationally-recognized multinational companies and meet the criteria for EB-1C approval may enjoy an expedited application process. Since there are no formal quotas for these types of visas, the waiting and processing periods for EB-1C visas may be considerably shorter than those for certain other classes of immigrant-track visas. An EB-1C visa lawyer at the Gutierrez Law Firm can help you get this kind of travel credential.


EB-1C visa applicants must meet several key qualifications. These include:

  • Employment with their current employer for at least one of the past three years
  • Managerial oversight of a major division within their employer
  • Significant influence over the actions and direction of the company as a whole
  • Limited oversight or direction from superiors

In addition, the applicant’s employer must prove its relationship to the U.S.-based entity to which the applicant wishes to transfer. The applicant’s employer must also furnish proof of the applicant’s new responsibilities at the U.S.-based entity and demonstrate that the position is likely to be permanent. In most cases, “executives” must report directly to the employer’s board of directors, president or chairman. “Managers” must report directly to top-level executives. To find out if you qualify for this type of visa, get in touch with the Gutierrez Law Firm’s EB-1C visa attorneys.


U.S. Customs and Immigration Services tends to favor the EB-1C visa applications of individuals who work for recognizable multinational corporations. An applicant who works for a smaller organization must prove that his or her employer’s corporate structure is sufficiently differentiated to permit the formation of a class of top executives and managers. Additionally, newly-hired managers and executives are generally not permitted to apply for EB-1C visas.

How We Can Help

At the Gutierrez Law Firm, we have over 20 years of experience with every aspect of immigration law. Our seasoned EB-1C visa lawyers have secured U.S. entry clearances for clients from China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Pakistan and many other countries. We stand ready to assist with the EB-1C visa application process in any way that we can.

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