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What is an L-1A Visa?

L-1A visas permit certain foreign nationals to enter the United States and continue to work for the U.S. subsidiaries of their internationally-based employers. Known as “intracompany transfer” visas, these credentials apply only to management-level or executive-level workers who have been employed with the same company for one consecutive year during the preceding three. Although L-1A visa holders may bring certain qualifying family members into the United States, these spouses and dependents are typically not permitted to work in this country. If you would like to obtain this type of visa for an intracompany transferee, contact a L-1A visa attorney for tips and guidance.


L-1A visas have several useful benefits. First, the U.S. government imposes no numerical quotas for these types of entry clearances. As such, applicants never have to worry about volume-related delays or denials. In addition, these visas are valid for an initial three-year term and may be extended for up to four additional years. The reapplication and extension processes are relatively straightforward. Finally, transferred foreign nationals who must remain in the United States beyond the seven-year deadline may apply for other types of work visas or resident status.


The L-1A application process is governed by several restrictions. Failure to adhere to the fairly strict terms of this process can result in the delay or denial of a given visa application.

For starters, U.S. or international employers that wish to transfer employees into the United States must file an I-129 document and its corresponding “L” supplement with U.S. Customs and Immigration Services. In addition, the employer must confirm and certify the employee’s relationship with the company and demonstrate the need for his or her services within the United States. In order to prove that it is a “legitimate” concern, the employer must also provide certain key financial and historical information about its operations. To learn more about the requirements for a L-1A visa, get in touch with a L-1A visa lawyer.


L-1A visas come with some important limitations. First, these credentials may be extended for a maximum of seven years. After this effective period has expired, visa holders must leave the United States or apply for a different class of visa. In addition, visa holders who sever ties to their U.S. employer must leave the United States or reapply for entry under a different visa type. Finally, L-1A visa holders’ spouses and children may obtain L-2 entry clearances and enter the U.S. on a legal basis. However, these credentials do not entitle them to seek employment.

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