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TN-Visa | For workers of Canada and Mexico under NAFTA

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What is a TN-Visa?

A TN-visa is a non-immigrant visa that permits certain professionals who work in qualifying industries to engage in employment activities on U.S. soil. Under the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement, this visa pertains only to workers from Mexico and Canada. Known as a “NAFTA Professional” visa, this entry credential may subject workers to certain requirements and limitations. In addition, it applies slightly different standards to each country’s workers.


TN-visa holders enjoy a few key benefits. First, there is no limit to the number of TN-visas that the U.S. government may issue in a calendar year. As such, workers who adhere to all TN application standards are unlikely to face significant application delays. Additionally, TN-visas may be renewed indefinitely after the expiration of their initial three-year effective periods. Acceptance may take just 15 calendar days. Finally, Canadian nationals can apply for these visas at most U.S.-Canada border posts. Mexican nationals can renew their TN-visas at most U.S.-Mexico border posts.


In order for a Mexican or Canadian national to obtain a TN-visa, he or she must secure an offer of temporary employment from a U.S. employer that operates in a qualifying field. These fields may include:

  • Accountants
  • Physicians
  • Dentists
  • Engineers
  • Management consultants
  • Professors

Workers who apply for TN-visas must demonstrate that they have appropriate educational or work-history credentials for their desired positions. For their part, employers must demonstrate that their TN-employees will work in “temporary” positions with pre-arranged termination dates. Visa holders must agree to leave the United States at the end of their employment terms.


In addition to the requirement that TN-visa holders leave the United States after ending their terms of employment, visa holders are subject to additional restrictions and limitations. These workers must furnish a professional license in their desired field of employment and provide a written offer of employment from their U.S. employer. They must also provide proof of citizenship in their countries of origin and pay certain application fees. Although the process of applying for a TN-visa is intended to be straightforward, these requirements increase the amount of time and paperwork necessary to complete a successful application.

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